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Tutoring Programs & Services

The Smart Scribe offers high-quality tutoring in all major subjects for students of all ages!

Are you looking for a safe and supportive environment to send your child for academic assistance? Whether you prefer on-site or virtual tutoring, The Smart Scribe's got you covered!


We work with students from Pre-K to College as well as Adult Education.

Each student receives a personalized targeted tutoring plan and we work at their pace to address their specific needs. We do not take a standardized approach to learning, rather we get to know each student with respect to their personality, learning style, and academic needs and provide a comprehensive approach to tutoring.  

We understand that these are challenging times and many parents and people are overwhelmed with homework and other academic tasks. Some may feel confused about the "new math" or different approaches to learning. Well, fear not! Our expert-tutors are vetted carefully and must pass a rigorous assessment to demonstrate subject-proficiency.  Smart Scribe Tutors are trained to meet scholars where they are. They identify areas of difficulty, then employ strategies that simplify concepts with tried-and-true strategies that boost memory, foundational knowledge, problem-solving skills, and overall academic success! Read below to learn more about our different programs.

Tutoring Subjects & Test-Preparation

Studies show that academic progress and the frequency of tutoring go hand-in-hand. We recommend at least two sessions per week of Intensive Tutoring in any subject area that the student is experiencing difficulty in. According to a Kaplan study, it is recommended that students start to prepare for the SAT (and other standardized tests) at least 3 months in advance, but if you've only got a month, don't panic!  We provide supplemental, follow-up resources that can be utilized at home to reinforce tutoring material. 

Intensive Tutoring Subjects
  • English Language Arts (K-12)
  • Reading (Vocab, Grammar, Comprehension, Spelling, Text-Analysis [Early Literacy to Advanced)
  • Writing (Narrative, Argument, Persuasive, Expository, Research)
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) 
  • Math (K-12): Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics)
  • Science (Life Science, Living Environment, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • Social Studies (3-12): Geography, US History & Government, Global History)
  • Foreign Language (Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin)
  • Next Generation Learning Standards
Test-Prep Subjects
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • HSE / TASC (Formerly GED)
  • SSAT
  • ISEE

Tutoring Programs

Our tutors are carefully vetted and trained to meet scholars "where they are" and provide personalized tutoring to help them make progress. Below are a list of our tutoring programs and academic services. 

After School Homework Help (ASHH) Program

  • Runs from 3-6 Mon-Fri 

  • Ensures successful completion of homework and school projects

  • Small-group tutoring in reading, writing, and math

  • Helps with organization and executive functioning skills

  • STEAM activities & extracurricular fun!

  • On-site only

Reading & Math Assessments

  • For students of all ages

  • A comprehensive evaluation in reading, writing, and math

  • Provides a baseline for students' strengths, challenges, and learning style

  • Enables us to develop educational goals and adjust tutoring plan accordingly to accurately measure progress

  • After testing is complete, you will receive a written report and educational consultation 

Intensive Tutoring

  • Runs year round, 7-days a week

  • Two sessions (hours) per week recommended, at least 1 session per week required

  • One-to-one tutoring with a subject-matter expert

  • Strengthens critical thinking, independence, and overall subject knowledge and proficiency

  • On-site or virtual

Foreign Language Classes

foreign language tutor.webp
  • Runs year-round, 7-days a week

  • Minimum of 1 session per week required, at least 2 sessions recommended per week

  • Each session is 1 hour

  • Meets students "where they are" in a low-pressure environment

  • Promotes natural conversation through memorable lessons

  • Emphasis on grammar, semantics, colloquialisms 

  • On-site or virtual


bubble sheet.jpg
  • Runs year round, 7-days a week

  • Minimum of two sessions per week required (each session is 90 mins)

  • Prepares for standardized exams and entrance tests (i.e., Regents, SAT, ACT, TASC, HSE, SSAT, TACHS, ISEE)

  • Emphasis on test-structure, sample questions, critical thinking, and analytical skills

  • On-site or virtual

Summer Intensive Program

  • Runs from Jul 1st - Aug 16, 2024 (7 weeks)

  • Provides small-group tutoring in reading, writing, and math

  • STEAM activities and extracurricular fun!

  • Book clubs, typing, crafting, public speaking, handwriting, etc. 

  • Prevents summer learning loss

  • Flexible scheduling

  • On-site only

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