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Our Story

The Smart Scribe is a unique start-up and community-based organization providing an array of academic, consulting and career services. Founded in 2014 by Nakia Henry, a teacher and published writer, The Smart Scribe has maintained a stellar reputation for excellence for nearly a decade. As a secondary-school English teacher, Mrs. Henry and The Smart Scribe tutors, have helped students strengthen their academic skills, and ultimately pass state exams and other standardized tests. 


Throughout her career in education, Mrs. Henry has been fortunate enough to teach toddlers to adults. As a certified ENL Teacher, she has maintained a solid track record of helping students learn and master English, using an interactive approach to ease the language-acquisition process. Mrs. Henry has also taught English Language Arts in high school, with a high passing rate on the NYS ELA Regents Exam (Comprehensive & Common Core). Prior to her career in education, Mrs. Henry worked as an HR Strategist, in which she successfully prepared clients for interviewers. She quickly earned the title of "Resume Guru," due to her ability to craft a powerful resume and help clients accelerate their careers. In short, The Smart Scribe is an amalgamation of Mrs. Henry's passions for writing, teaching and learning, and human services. Whether you need a tutor, resume, LinkedIn makeover, interview prep -- or ALL of the above -- we've got you covered! 


Clients from near and far consult with The Smart Scribe for academic services, including, but not limited to, writing/editing resumes, cover letters, academic/research papers, business correspondence, translation/transcription services, and much more! The Smart Scribe is committed to helping to close achievement gaps across in reading, writing, math, and other major subjects while fostering a sense of competence and success in school and beyond!

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Our mission at The Smart Scribe is to encourage, guide, and assist our students and clients with high-quality academic and professional services. We listen carefully to clients' needs and offer personalized solutions to help achieve success in a safe and welcoming space. We do not subscribe to a "one size fits all" approach to learning - rather, we meet "where you are" and commit to making incremental progress in a supportive environment that fosters inquiry and accountability.  

Writing Pledge

We believe that words are powerful and should be used truthfully, accurately, and responsibly. This philosophy is exemplified in every project we commit to. Whether you need a document proofread, revised, or created from scratch -- we work diligently and round-the-clock to deliver an outstanding product.


 To ensure the highest-quality of work, we:

  • conduct research and fact-checking to protect the integrity of your work

  • utilize appropriate formatting and citations (APA, MLA, Chicago, AJE)

  • apply the "3V" philosophy (verbal, vocal & visual cues) 

  • incorporate specific and sophisticated vocabulary for target audiences

  • ensure that every component of your material is screened for grammatical, typographical and spelling accuracy

  • guarantee that our work is 100% original and free of plagiarism

Researching and Writing
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