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Take your interview to a whole new level — literally.

Improving your interviewing skills gives you a competitive edge and increases your chances of landing the job! Learn how to:

  • Develop your PBS (Personal Branding Strategy) and methods of standing out over others

  • Project confidence, reduce nerves, and communicate effectively

  • Answer to behavioral, situational, and technical questions

  • Use the best methods of preparing for your interviews and tackling difficult questions

  • Fine-tune your answers to explain job changes and gaps of employment

  • Master your interview ​and accelerate your career!

Create the life that you want -- it all starts with a vision, goal, and plan. 

No matter where you’re starting, the life you want is absolutely available to you, and we're here to support you throughout the entire process. We want to know you, and understand what's important to you and what motivates you. Armed with that knowledge, we stand firmly in your corner and hold you accountable to your vision of your best self, because we know you are capable of being that person. Learn how to: 

  • Leverage your past accomplishments, your future goals and aspirations and the market value of what you can offer to a future employer. Gain a broader perspective on your personal and professional situation.

  • Project confidence, reduce nerves, and communicate effectively. Clearly articulate your achievements, your real value, and what your marketable strengths are.

  • Create, discuss, and actualize goals specific to your career plans. We equip you with the tools and resources to accelerate your career goals! In essence, we become your “accountability partner!"

Error-free written documents make a favorable first-impression.


To ensure the highest-quality of work, we:

  • conduct research and fact-checking to protect the integrity of your written work

  • utilize appropriate formatting and citations (APA, MLA, Chicago, AJE)

  • apply the "3V" philosophy (verbal, vocal & visual cues) to bring your material to "life"

  • incorporate specific and sophisticated vocabulary for target audiences

  • ensure that every component of your material is screened for grammatical, typographical and spelling accuracy

  • guarantee that our work is 100% original and free of plagiarism!

Interview Prep | Mock Interview  (90 mins)                      $125

Our interview preparation sessions are designed to ensure that you are fully prepared for the interview. We equip you with the tools and strategies needed to succeed in all phases of your interview. You will walk away feeling confident, renewed, and ready to tackle those difficult questions! On-site or remotely.


Career Counseling & Coaching (90 mins)                      $150

This service is ideal for people of all ages and backgrounds who want to make a change in their career. Perhaps you've hit a roadblock and want a fresh start or you may need guidance on how to kickstart the next phase of your career. We listen to your aspirations and help you set goals and make informed decisions. We conduct a personality and skills assessments to help you choose your top 3 careers/roles that align to your vision, goals, and skill set. We also provide college to career guidance for younger adults who are not sure what to major in. Our goal is to help you capitalize on your strengths, values and potential - while bring a sense of balance and reward to your life.  On-site or remotely. 


Writing & Editing Services (prices vary)

We provide quality writing, editing, and proofreading services for students and clients, who need professionally-written, error-proof documents. Whether you need a document revised or created from scratch -- we work diligently to fulfill your personal, business and/or academic needs. We believe that words are powerful and should be used truthfully, accurately and responsibly. This is exemplified in every project we commit to.

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