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Mission Statement

Our mission at The Smart Scribe is to provide high-quality academic and professional services to our scholars and clients. We are a unique start-up and community-based organization that provides an array of educational, consulting and career services. Whether you need academic support, a resume makeover, LinkedIn optimization, interview prep -- or ALL of the above -- we've got you covered! 

Tutoring Services

We design and tailor targeted tutoring plans to support students' individual academic needs across subjects including Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, ESL & Foreign Language from Pre-Kindergarten to College! Our expert-tutors are vetted carefully and must pass a rigorous assessment to demonstrate subject-proficiency. Smart Scribe Tutors are trained to identify areas of difficulty in learning content, then employ strategies that simplify concepts with tried-and-true strategies that boost memory, foundational knowledge, problem-solving skills, test-scores and overall academic success! Interested in becoming a tutor or tutee? Give us a call today!

Writing/Editing Services

We believe that words are powerful and should be used truthfully, accurately and responsibly. This philosophy is exemplified in every project we commit to. Whether you need a document proofread, revised or created from scratch -- we work diligently and round-the-clock to fulfill your personal, business and/or academic needs. To ensure the highest-quality of work, we:

  • conduct research and fact-checking to protect the integrity of your written work

  • utilize appropriate formatting and citations (APA, MLA, Chicago, AJE)

  • apply the "3V" philosophy (verbal, vocal & visual cues) to bring your material to "life"

  • incorporate specific and sophisticated vocabulary for target audiences

  • ensure that every component of your material is screened for grammatical, typographical and spelling accuracy

  • guarantee that our work is 100% original and free of plagiarism!

About the Owner

The Smart Scribe is owned and operated by Nakia Henry, who started the business in 2014, based on her love of teaching, writing, and consulting. As a Long Island native, she would travel throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties as well as the 5 boroughs of NYC, providing tutoring and writing services to people of all ages. As a secondary-school English teacher, she has helped students strengthen their reading, writing and language skills, and ultimately pass state exams and other standardized tests. Throughout her career as a teacher, Mrs. Henry has always been a writer at heart. She has helped many clients with writing or editing a paper, book, business plan and/or resume. She quickly earned the title as "Resume Guru" due to her ability to craft a powerful resume, help clients land their dream jobs and accelerate their careers! Prior to her career in education, she worked as an HR Strategist in which she successfully prepared people for job interviews. In short, The Smart Scribe is an amalgamation of Mrs. Henry's passions for writing, teaching and learning, love of linguistics, and human services.

With a Master's Degree in English Education and over a decade of professional practice, Mrs. Henry has been fortunate enough to teach toddlers to adults. As a certified ESL Teacher, she has developed an exemplary track-record of helping speakers of other languages learn and master English, using an interactive approach to ease the language-acquisition process. She has also taught English Language Arts in high school, with a high-passing rate on NYS ELA Regents Exams (Comprehensive & Common Core). In addition to high-quality writing, Mrs. Henry and The Smart Scribe Tutors are committed to helping to close achievement gaps in literacy, writing and math while fostering a sense of competence and success in school and beyond!

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